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CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services is a fast growing HVAC services company serving Artesia and its environs. At CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services, we have decades of experience delivering exceptional levels of performance when it comes to heating and cooling types of equipment servicing and maintenance. Our top-notch HVAC specialists present a great level of service ensuring the comfort of our customers. We know that a faulty AC or heating equipment will affect the level of comfort, no matter the season. In that regard, our HVAC experts will make sure that our customers receive priority service, restoring the HVAC into the working condition. If you are looking for the HVAC systems, installation and repair service provider. CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services is the name to trust. We shall go an extra mile to ensure that the job is done right and within the required timeline. At CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services, each interaction is important to our reputation.


Therefore, we ensure courteous interaction while our HVAC experts are persons with great intellect levels and experience. No matter the time of day or night, we shall make sure that we meet your requirements. To schedule a service, talk to CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services on (562)203-1972. We are committed to service excellence and customer’s satisfaction.

Our Services

Air Conditioning Repair And Installation Services Artesia

CoolNotch Air Conditioning Service provides AC master skills in Artesia. We have a great reputation when it comes to servicing the AC and installation services. Over the years that we have been in service, our customers have always shown trust in us. Therefore, we have established long-term relationships with our customers while making sure that every task that we handle is delivered to full satisfaction. We use genuine AC replacement parts and assemblies. In addition, we service different AC brands. Therefore, no matter the type of your AC, you can always trust CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services.

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Thermostat Repair Services

The thermostat is an important component that is included in different HVAC equipment. It is essentially a heat-activated switch. The Thermostat comes with a temperature sensor that causes the HVAC equipment to run or stop. This is depending on the heat levels. Therefore, it is an important device and ensuring its functionality becomes an important undertaking. However, just like other devices, the thermostat will stop working at certain points. When the thermostat no longer functions well, you might be required to change the device. CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services provides thermostat installation and repair services in Artesia.

Furnace Installation And Repair Services In Artesia

If you notice that your furnace no longer performs as expected, it is important ensuring that an expert looks at the furnace for complete diagnostics and repair. You do not have to wait until the furnace no longer functions that are when you call the furnace technician in Artesia. A stitch in time could save you from embarking on complete furnace replacement. Talk to CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services today and enjoy the best rates for Furnace repair and installation services. We have years of experience delivering the best furnace repair and installation services.


Heater Repair Services

If your heater does not turn on or off automatically, this is an issue affecting the heater thermostat.  However, in some other circumstances, it might be failing heating equipment, and so you need to hire an expert who will have a look at the heating equipment. At CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services, we have the right equipment and tools for heater repair services, our technical team is readily available and we will assist you to get the job done in good time. We are readily available, and we offer the best pricing.

HVAC Emergency Services

HVAC equipment can fail at any time of day or even at night. When the equipment has failed to start or stop, this affects your comfort. Therefore, it is important you ensure that you have a partner who you can count on when it comes to HVAC repair and installation round the clock. At CoolNotch Air Conditioning Services, we provide round the clock availability. Our customers can always count on our experts who use the right equipment and tools for servicing different HVAC equipment.


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